Wapenschilden / 紋章


Deze reeks is vertrokken vanuit de leeuwensymboliek in wapenschilden. Ik onderzocht hoe mensen wereldwijd planten- en dierenmotieven gebruiken als beschermingssymbool. Hiermee maakte ik nieuwe wapenschilden met alternatieve verbeeldingen van (de Vlaamse) identiteit en suggereer ik hoe vormbaar identiteiten zijn.


At the root of this series lies a strong interest in fauna and flora as guardian symbols such as lions, especially as seen in European coats of arms. How do these symbols, which are understood across languages and cultures, participate in the formation of group identity and how do they simultaneously represent the relationship between humans and nature? By reconstructing the patriarchal symbolism carried by these hereditary designs and by applying the plasticity of clay alluding to the consciousness of women, I am trying to evoke images of the birth of a new culture and diversity-driven opportunities.